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When we talk about Machine learning, it can be called a technologically evolved tool that utilizes machine intelligence to capture the unexploited areas of business models. We at Indium Software recognize it as a game changing problem solving technique for businesses.

Our expertise in Machine Learning helps businesses explore the far fetched reserves of data and make informed decisions from them.


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Our solutions :

ML for Sales

The ML solutions we offer help sales and account managers obtain alerts from the algorithms about customers who may turn away. You can reap the following benefits with our ML solutions :

  • Improve sales forecasting : Compare the data of new leads like solutions they are seeking, organization size automatically to historical sales efforts. Predicting what solutions will best fit the client, forecasting how much time will be taken to close the deal can be done. This in turn will help you allocate resources and predict sales projections.
  • Interpret customer data : Make more sense of the customers’ data that you possess.
  • Predict customer needs : Understand your clients needs in advance and provide solutions.
  • Efficient transactional sales : Transactional tasks can be handled quickly and effectively.
  • Sales communication : Communication, be it answering queries, product features or contract terms can be done quickly and easily.

ML for Marketing 

Personalize mail campaigns to meet the requirements of the prospective customer. Offer customized offers to customers based on previous buying patterns.

ML for Human Resources

Our ML solutions for HR can help you

  • Track and assess applicants.
  • Attract relevant talent
  • Detect attrition
  • Individual skill mangement

ML for Finance

  • Our ML solutions for finance can help you with :
  • Detecting fraud
  • Underwriting loan/insurance
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Portfolio management
  • Sentiment/new analysis
  • Customer service.

Image Analysis

Image tagging : The algorithms which we develop will use the photo that you manually tag to identify faces or specified objects in a photo. This will reduce unnecessary tasks for manual data operators.

Optical Character Recognition : The algorithms which we develop learn to recognize a particular image as a written character and translate a scanned text document into a digital file that cater to various uses like data grouping and image processing.

Text Analysis

Sentiment analysis : Our approach to this classifies as to whether the opinion intended by the writer is positive, negative or neutral. This will aid in future marketing strategies and product development.

Information extraction : The algorithms which we develop can dig up exact pieces of information like names, keywords, web links etc.

Filtering : Our machine learning approach helps you classify data as a tweet, post, blog and more. This helps organizations which have massive inflow of social content on a daily basis.

Improved content discovery : Our approach helps obtain intelligence about what content users are likely to follow and read based on their interests. Articles can be suggested that are aligned with their interests. This will created a personalized experience for the users.

Data Analysis

Predictions : We can be of help in the banking sector by analyzing credit worthiness and the probability of loan defaulters. Certain other applications which we can help you with include building predictive models of prices in the market and market volatility, risk management and trading.

Anomaly detection : The method which we put into action is primarily used to detect fraud. We can help detect transactions that are outside the general/usual purchase patterns of the user and can warn them. Fake accounts can also be blocked by e-commerce websites.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is an extremely important aspect of Machine learning and we at Indium Software generate models that help extrapolate this important data in an easy and readable format.

Platforms we work on :

Amazon Machine Learning

If you are already hosting your data on AWS, you are reaping the best benefits of Amazon machine learning. We at Indium Software can help you harness the power of its wizards, data visualization tools and manage your  Amazon infrastructure..

 Google Machine Learning

We can help you setup your system to extract the entire potential of Google’s ML services that analyze data and predict results. We can also obtain datasets from Google cloud storage or work with Google BigQuery.

Azure Machine Learning

Azure machine learning helps build data driven applications to predict, forecast and change future outcomes. We can help you leverage the full potential of Azure ML.

The most important benefit of machine learning is that it gives you access to understanding heaps of data easily and the best part is you have it at your finger tips.

Leverage your biggest Asset - DATA