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We offers BigData Pricing Analytics services including methods like Price Elasticity, Price Optimisation. Our pricing analytics revolves around aiding organizations in their efforts to set prices right, be aware of where they are relative to competition, look at markdowns and their impact, and benchmark deals. We also cover relative price points, demand elasticity measures and optimization to establish prices that will maximize margins.

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Our Pricing Analytics Services

  • Guideline Price Setting : For product categories based on market conditions and target contribution margins
  • Price Elasticity/Sensitivity : To estimate the impact of pricing on sales volumes
  • Cross-Elasticity : To understand the impact of price differentials on market share
  • Price Testing : To optimize the pricing of products/services based on revenues or profitability
  • Dynamic Pricing : To estimate price-change triggers based on customer behavior to maximize revenue/profitability
  • Discount Pricing : To estimate the retail promotion pricing needed to meet returns on marketing investments
  • Price Value Mapping : To position products properly against the competition

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