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Noah Data is top provider of Customer Analytics using Predictive Analytics methods like Churn analysis, RFM analysis and Customer Lifecycle Value in Big Data environment for companies in USA.

With an insurmountable amount of information available at their fingertips — about products, brands, prices, competitive offerings, and more — customers today are more in-charge than ever before. They want what they want, where they want it. Customer Analytics enables you to continue serving your existing customers, prevent attrition, and build stronger relationships, you need to offer them the right product, at the right time, through the right channel, using the right message.

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How can we help ?

Which prospects should you target? In a sea of prospective customers, our solution will help

  • Target demographics with the highest concentration of potential customers
  • Identify highly profitable prospective customers
  • Control customer acquisition costs
  • Capture market share

Which of your customers are most likely to leave? Gain valuable customer insight and intelligence from our data mining solutions, in order to:

  • Maintain customers and reward loyalty
  • Be proactive in introducing retention strategies
  • Grow your business with existing customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction and profitability

How should your products be bundled? By deeply analyzing existing customer data, our solutions can help you:

  • Discover cross-selling and bundling opportunities
  • Prioritize and optimize the most profitable products
  • Increase average order value
  • Deepen customer relationships and improve customer loyalty

What do your customers have in common? Our advanced analytics solutions will help you segment customers into meaningful clusters, in order to:

  • Identify your most profitable customers
  • Focus your marketing on segments most likely to purchase
  • Discover potential niche markets
  • Develop or improve products to meet customer needs
  • Uncover hidden customer relationships, focus on high-gain segments and discover untapped sources of revenue with our data mining solutions.

Which customers will be you’re most profitable? Forecast the expected lifetime value of your customers with our solutions and:

  • Build high-value relationships, maintain customers and reward loyalty
  • Be proactive in introducing retention strategies
  • Focus acquisition & reactivation efforts on customers with the highest customer lifetime value

Grow your business with existing customers and increase revenue

Leverage your biggest Asset - DATA