E-Commerce Analytics

E-Commerce Analytics Services

Online firms (specially ecommerce) usually tend to have access to a much larger base of Data when compared with offline businesses. Hence the analytical needs tend to be more complex. There are multiple sources of data available usually that include web browsing data, response data & social media data.

Our experience with online businesses, span across traditional ecommerce firms to market-places, as well as industry leading Digital Advertising firms.

We have successfully designed and implemented loyalty programs for online business, performed customer analytics to reduce churn, increase LTV and run better targeted promotional campaigns. We also help by looking at seller-side analytics, figuring out next-best products or services to sell for each customer, thereby increasing up/cross sell opportunities.

Our Solutions

While analyzing a website and its users, in order to provide the best experience, it is vital that we understand the different kinds of intents that Customers have when visiting the website. A user’s intent can be analyzed by viewing Path/User flow reports and combining that with segmentation of users provides a way for Businesses to create highly personalized & effective campaigns that target users in real time.

We help process your historical data and help benchmark existing Churn & retention rates across various customer segments. You’ll immediately see exactly how one-time buyers in your customer base compare to repeat customers.

We help business understand how each product performs in detail by analyzing product specific conversion and abandonment rates, views, purchases, quantity sold. This enables us to view correlations between the products and help understand what kinds of products go together in your customer’s mind and how they choose between different options. This is usually a starting point for promotional and bundle ideas.

To optimize marketing spending, you need a clear comparison of traffic channels. We measure their effectiveness based on conversion rates, total revenue, revenue per visit, and revenue per customer.

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