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Initiative in the (CPG) sector requires profound knowledge of their clients, products and topography. Manufacturers and their retail partners must cooperate to find and profile their best clients, and the get those items to them through the correct channels.

Seasonality, channel strife, and changing socioeconomics all require profound examination, speedier than conventional methods can deliver. CPG organizations can take advantage of all of the data available to them including Point of Sale (POS), Retail Floor Space Management (RFSM), demographics, and marketing data to drive critical decisions across departments.

Our ability to synthesize actionable insights from varied and multiple data sources enable our retail and CPG clients to harness and analyze the data at the right time. We, thereby, empower them to outperform and reap better ROI on their investments, and understand their consumers better.

Our Solutions

  • Identify and target the right customers through effective customer segmentation
  • Improve acquisition and conversions through personalized offers – product, price, promotion
  • Minimize churn and enhance customer loyalty, retention and life time value through effective cross sell and up sell strategies by identifying the best combination of products and services that align best with the customers’ needs.
  • Use proven analytics methodologies to aid their marketing strategies by providing effective market and customer segmentation
  • Optimizing marketing mix strategies, optimizing promotion and positioning, and cross channel synergies,
  • Maximize response rates through multichannel campaign effectiveness while optimizing marketing spends, improving customer experience and maximizing profitability
  • Help with price optimization, assortment planning and category management,
  • Market basket analysis, mark down optimization analysis
  • Competitor analysis helping retailers maximize profitability and stay ahead of their competitors.
  • Help enhance profitability in their in-store operations by optimizing product placement based on product associations at a store level,
  • Forecasting to minimize out of stock, maximizing store revenue through effective store performance and profitability analysis,
  • Maximizing profitability through customer conversion, preventive loss forecasting models and optimum resource utilization.
  • Help understand the sentiments expressed by customers across social media channels,
  • Identify gaps and reverse negative sentiments through carefully designed social media strategies to manage brand reputation and enhance revenue opportunities by converting customers into influencers
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